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First and foremost, I hope you and your family are well, staying safe and staying home.  To say the current pandemic and shelter-in-place orders are unprecedented is at this point self-evident.  Second, our business has changed along with everyone else’s but I want to assure you, we’re available and ready to help you!  

When Contra Costa County closed its Courthouse to the public effective March 16, 2020, I knew the threat to public safety was going to override everything else for a while.  How long of a time is still unknown and unknowable,  and in the history of the Courthouse, this has never been done.  

When non-essential businesses were ordered closed effective March 17, 2020, my business was also changed and challenged.  That being said, I started my business in my home office and have maintained a home office even through two office building moves.  I am fully functional at home-office during the shelter in place order, so we are still here to help you through a difficult time.

I am still doing consultations with new clients and working on setting up video consultations for anyone who needs more short term assistance.  That is coming soon.  Until then, please email at [email protected] or call the office (925) 384-2086. Though the office is physically closed, we’re open and checking messages and receiving emails on the hour.

This pandemic and the resulting shelter in place is going to be hard on everyone.  We only get through this working together - but apart.  If you are having some mental health issues or anxiety, then please let me know. I have some resources to share with you.  

For now, God bless and stay safe.