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5.0 stars Former Co-Worker June 14, 2013 Amy is a genuine person, first of all. If you are looking for an honest and trustworthy attorney I would use her! She will help you to understand the law and make sure you fully understand what your rights are, in the courtroom, and out of it. She is knowledgeable in all aspects of family law. One of the great things about Amy is that she will not drag your case through the court system just for the sake of doing so. She has a lot of integrity and will work hard to settle your case, favorably, and economically. Amy is respected amongst her peers in the community and that goes a long way in negotiating with opposing counsels and helping to move your case in the right direction. I know all of this first hand because I worked with her for 2+ years. If I ever need legal assistance in a family law matter she'll be the first person I call!

Finally, I should mention that Amy was always responsive to Client emails/phone calls or available to meet in person. She will not leave you waiting 3 days for a return phone call/email. Amy truly understands how stressful these times are for the client and she does everything in her power to minimize angst and undue worry. I highly recommend her!

5.0 stars Former Client June 11, 2012 I highly recommend Amy Suzanne Hilton!

Amy Hilton helped me with my domestic violence case a few months ago.

She has very strong legal knowledge, and she is a passionate, organized and professional attorney, very humble but in the same time the best court-trial-fighter and winner. She will never let you down as a customer. She always gets back right away, and she listens and keeps me constantly informed. She has looked out for my best interest throughout this entire process. She is very courteous and respectful, honest, truthful and trustful. I still feel blessed to have Amy Hilton as my attorney.

I had previously worked with 2 lawyers (one was pro-bono and had limited time to represent me in court, while the other was fired by me after she defended more the opposite party's interests instead of mine) and then I met Amy Hilton in a very crucial and difficult moment of my case (where I was the Petitioner, and the opposite party's lawyer took the advantage that I did not have an attorney and filed a motion to get me and my two children (under 3 years of age) out from the house). I would have lost the battle if Amy didn't take my case and responded with a motion in 24 hours. We won. She won!

5.0 stars Former Client February 14, 2014 Amy Hilton- There when you need it most...
Amy was honest, forgiving, smart, compassionate and responsive. At a time in my life when I needed to move without error while being under emotional stress, I had a partner to fight for/with me that had the sound mind I was lacking. Amy is a lawyer but she works like a friend.

Fellow Family Attorney Nov 5, 2015 I endorse this lawyer. Compassionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated attorney.

Fellow Family Attorney Nov 5, 2015 Amy is a highly effective and capable attorney. I have known her for many years now and can attest to the fact that she will go above and beyond to ensure that her client's interests are protected. Do yourself a favor and hire her.

Former Co-Worker Litigation Attorney Feb 13, 2014 Amy is a skilled and compassionate family law attorney, and I would highly recommend her for any family law matters.

Former Co-Worker Litigation Attorney May 20, 2013 Amy and I previously worked together at the same law firm. She is excellent and highly recommended.