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About Hilton Family Law

Amy S. Hilton has been practicing family law exclusively for nearly a decade. Amy specialized in family law in order to ensure that she knew the Law, Judges, and Court system to equip her in securing the best results for her clients. While the goal is to stay out of Court, Amy is an experienced trial attorney and is able to represent your needs aggressively in Court if necessary.

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  • child custody

    Child Custody

    Every parent wants to ensure that their children's best interests are the focus of the parenting plan. Amy has experience in drafting parenting plans based on the needs of the child and not the parent.

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  • Child Support

    Child Support

    Child Support is set by the State and based on the amount of time spent with the parents and their incomes. Amy can calculate support based on the State's guidelines.

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  • Spousal Support (Alimony)

    Spousal Support (Alimony)

    The lower earning spousal is typically entitled to spousal support. Amy can provide you with an estimate for the amount and duration of the payments.

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  • Property Division

    Property Division

    This is a complicated area of Family Law. Amy knows how to characterize assets and the proper way to divide them.

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  • Domestic Violence

    Domestic Violence

    Too few women understand the breadth and depth of abuse. Amy has the experience and contacts to help victims get back on their feet and to defend against fraudulent claims.

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  • Enforcement


    Any violation of a Court Order is technically a contempt. Amy has experience with contempt charges and has used it modify orders for repeat offenders.

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Let us guide you through this storm.

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